Sunday School Classes

Sunday School is a great place to deepen your knowledge of God's Word, connect with fellow believers, and become more involved in the ministries of the Church.

Sunday School Director:

Coy Mike Few


Sunday School Classes:

• Marriage & Family (main building, upstairs)

taught by Wade & Traci Hurst


• Adult 1 Women (main building, upstairs)

taught by Becky Bumpers & Samitra Smith


• Adult Women 2 (main building, downstairs behind library)

taught by Cathy McGuire


• Adult 1 Co-ed (main building, upstairs)

taught by Jeff Dover & Damon Minor


• Adult Men 1 & 2 (main building, upstairs)

taught by C.B. Coplen & Mike Jordan


• Adult 2 Co-ed (main building, downstairs)

taught by Joseph Smith & Steve Woodson


• FBC 101 (main building, fellowship hall)

taught by Damon Minor & Wade Hurst


• Youth Boys (CLEC, upstairs)

taught by Logan Shimp


• Youth Girls (CLEC, upstairs)

taught by Jessica Walker


• Children 5th & 6th Grade (CLEC, upstairs)

taught by Tina Parsons


• Children 3rd & 4th Grade (CLEC, upstairs)

taught by Barbara & Gary Cloud


• Children 1st & 2nd Grade (CLEC, downstairs)

taught by Deborah Glanz & Autumn Smith


• Preschool 5 years (CLEC, downstairs)

taught by Karin Christenberry


• Preschool 3 & 4 years (CLEC, downstairs)

taught by Shelly Davis & Allie Martin


• Preschool 2 years (CLEC, downstairs)

taught by Amy & Cody Hixon


• Preschool 1a (CLEC, downstairs)

taught by Kathy & Katrina Gragg


• Preschool 1b (CLEC, downstairs)

taught by Melanie Jacks & Judy Gentry